Planning for the Future

Stage Three - Tairawhiti the Learning Region

This is Stage Three in our work in education and updates the work begun with the Core Report – now considered a snapshot of Gisborne in 2013.

Education change agent Lara Meyer has spent the past several months interviewing education, social service and business leaders, teachers, students and kaumatua. Their feedback has been added to an analysis of regional data, with a focus on:

  • What skills, values and motivations we want from our young graduates.
  • How we prepare our youth to understand what’s going on in the world.
  • The integration of emerging technologies into teaching practice.
  • The extension of our achievers.
  • The support of our under achievers.
  • The development of educational opportunities that will encourage our youth to study and work here.
  • Developing a work-ready population of critical thinkers.
  • How we work together to make all of the above happen.

She is now in the process of putting together a comprehensive report, which will:

  • Scope the challenges (social, economic and educational) in our learning environment.
  • Map and prioritise a set of action points that will enable our community to move ahead strategically.
  • Identify which of the actions points it would be natural for ECT to be involved with and to what level – either as a leader, funder, supporter or observer.
  • Identify those action points better suited for other agencies to deliver.