Learnings to Date

What is clear is that, in having new conversations, we are starting to see a shift in thinking. Throughout this project, leaders have valued the opportunity to sit and reflect on their hopes and dreams. They’ve been reacquainting themselves with best practice and have been building better connections with a range of community groups. We’re also receiving a clear message that everyone wants the same thing.

What have we learned to date?

Our kids are outstanding and we need to celebrate them – they are sensitive, charming wonderful people and we are lucky to have them.

Young people in this town are sending us a clear message that our expectations of them are not high enough. That will certainly challenge our thinking.

Many of the objectives of the Core Report are being realised (albeit in part). The region will look for ways to further support those initiatives in powerful ways that will impact on the lives and expectations of our young people.

If we are to move forward we must

Act with courage and do radical things – no more tinkering around the edges.
Collaborate as much as possible with all ministries and agencies so that we can make a real difference.
Be prepared for change to take time – there is no quick fix or silver bullet.

 All be in the same waka.