ECT's Involvement in Education

Stage One – The Core Report

Stage one of this project started in 2013. Over three months, the team from Core Education gathered ideas from our community about the provision of educational opportunities for young people in Gisborne. They met face-to-face with Gisborne teachers, students, parents, whanau, the Maori community, and business and community leaders. Feedback was also captured through an online survey.

Responses were then developed into a set of scenarios. This process brought together the wide range of responses and ideas in a series of facilitated community workshops. This was used to develop The Core Report and its recommendations for ECT.

ECT used this report to inform how its education investment might be used more strategically.


Stage Two – Funding Strategic Initiatives

In response to the Core Report, stage two saw ECT funding some significant projects including:

  • Mindlab by Unitech - Gisborne joined Wellington as the first of two cities outside Auckland to offer Mindlab, enhancing the digital capability of our teachers and young learners, and encouraging collaborative teaching methods in the classroom, placing our kids way ahead of the national game. ECT’s contribution subsidised the programme so that (the approximately 6,000) primary and intermediate aged children across the district have access to this revolutionary programme. So too do the region’s 240 teachers, with access to the NZQA accredited Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning).
  • TeachExpo – ECT funded the TeachXpo, a three-day digital teaching conference facilitated by some of Australasia’s leading education thinkers and trainers. Our support was based on a belief in the TeachXpo philosophy that teaching and schools need new paradigms to successfully adapt when traditional classrooms encounter the challenges of cyberspace. Different teaching and curriculum approaches are required to align our values to the technologies of change. Different forms of interaction must be considered to make the most of the new technological world.