Warm Up Eastland

Warmer houses are a key contributor to healthier people, meaning more productivity,  less money spent on heating and overall better general wellbeing. It is estimated that an $1800 home insulation project will conservatively save that household up to $2857 each year.

The Eastland Community Trust has invested a further $750,000 into extending this progrmme to include subsidised insulation to those who previously did not qualify. As a result, the ECT has  now committed $4.5 million of insulation programmes for beneficiaries in the past five years. This commitment has resulted in over $60 million worth of economic benefit to the region.

"Smart Energy Solutions is proud to have worked with the Eastland Community Trust for the past two years. Having insulated over 1400 homes to date, we have received wonderful feedback from recipients who are extremely grateful for ECT's support, which has made a noticeable difference to the warmth and comfort of their homes."  Dan Hunter - SMART ENERGY SOLUTIONS - HAWKE'S BAY/GISBORNE - REGIONAL MANAGER