ECT announces further investment into insulation programme

DATE 24 October 2012    

OCTOBER 24 2012


Another 1600 homes in the wider Gisborne region will benefit from improved insulation thanks to a further $750,000 investment by the Eastland Community Trust.

This latest tranche of funding makes ECT the largest third party funder in the country.  ECT general manager Leighton Evans confirmed that the Trust has enabled more subsidised home insulation in this region than any other contributing funder elsewhere in NZ.

“The significant contribution the Trust has made, and will continue to make by announcing this scheme, is something we are particularly proud of,” he said.

The deal with Smart Energy Solutions and the Energy, Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) means people who have not previously qualified for the subsidised programme, because they did not hold a community services card, will now be able to access subsidised insulation for their homes.

Under this scheme EECA will pay one third of the cost up to a maximum of $1300 ECT and Smart Energy will jointly fund one third up to a $1300 maximum and the homeowner will cover the remaining third.

ECT has now committed $4.5million to insulation programmes for low income families in the past five years, including this allocation.  This commitment has resulted in over $60 million dollars economic benefit to the region.

Mr Evans said the Trust felt it was time that those people who don’t normally qualify for subsidies were given a chance to benefit from the insulation scheme. The difference from previous schemes is that there are no restrictions of eligibility due to income.  It is estimated there are about 1600 homes in this category in the region.  This will take the number of homes insulated with ECT subsidys close to half of all homes in our region.

A study has shown that by spending $1800 on insulation a household will spend $400 less in doctor’s fees and medical bills per annum, will take less days off school for sickness, will reduce the power needed to keep a home warm and will have less days off work.

“There is no question that the return on investment that this scheme delivers to the community is hugely beneficial from a health, social and economic perspective.

“Current Government funding commitments to this scheme finish in December 2013 so we need to ensure we take every opportunity to claim that funding for this region and that’s exactly what the Trust’s contribution will achieve,” said Mr Evans.

For further information please call ECT general manager Leighton Evans on 8672640.

To contact SMART ENERGY SOLUTIONS direct please phone 0800 888 766