The Eastland Group

Logs in port Plane at the airport Birds eye view of harbour Tug boat

ECT is the sole shareholder of Eastland Group - a collection of businesses crucial to the Gisborne district’s economy. The Group is focused on two sectors – energy and logistics.

Eastland Group has businesses throughout the country, but their main focus is in Gisborne where they supply the region with electricity through Eastland Network, electrical services through Eastech, run the growing Eastland Port and provide the external air link through Gisborne Airport. Eastland Infrastructure provides the management services to each of the companies within the group.

The Eastland Group is the main vehicle for providing dividend and capital note interest income to ECT. It is the Trust’s largest investment. In April 2010, the Trust subscribed to $30 million in capital notes with Eastland Group.

The Trust is committed to supporting new investment initiatives within the group where the projects are commercially attractive to the Trust.

The Trust is fully supportive of the Eastland Group and wants to the company to grow further and offer continued improving returns.

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