Our Investments

Birds eye view of Gisborne harbour Power truck Tug boat Plane

ECT's investment portfolio

ECT’s investment portfolio is made up of passive investments (term deposits, shares, international currencies and property), the Eastland Group and the Eastland Development Fund Limited (EDFL). The EDFL is currently under review and may be restructured to focus on commercial and community investment within the region.

Eastland Group Limited

Eastland Group is the commercial arm of ECT an is our largest investment. Eastland Group is made up of businesses crucial to the Gisborne district economy and focusses on two areas – energy and logistics. The group consists of Eastland Network Limited, Eastland Port Limited, Eastland Infrastructure Limited and a number of other subsidiaries.

ECT is the sole shareholder of Eastland Group. In April 2010 the Trust subscribed to $30 million in capital notes with the group, which pays interest to the Trust at commercial rates. ECT is committed to supporting new, commercially attractive investment initiatives within the Eastland Group.